Centralized internal communication

All communication using a single tool.
Fulfill your wishes.

Now you can give your team a tool to consume or to actively participate in internal communication.
Change the rumors by information and activate the participation dynamics.

Comunicados internos a través de Happÿdonia


Decide the information channels and how you want users to participate in them.

Chats grupales con Happÿdonia

Chat (group/individual)

Forget about chasing users, so they do not create uncontrolled groups of internal communication chats.

Chats grupales de empleados en Happÿdonia

Personal groups

Facilitate social interaction so that your people know each other, share similar interests and the best of themselves.

Centraliza toda la comunicación interna de tu empresa con Happÿdonia

Overwhelmed with emails, thousands of whatsapps, releases and post-its of all colors?

Be water, my friend

With Happÿdonia you have it all in one. It facilitates that the communication flows as you consider, it defines the groups and the interaction that you wish of its members; from publications, ideas and suggestions to immediate communication through individual or group chats.

Comunica fácilmente con tus empleados a nivel individual o grupal gracias a Happÿdonia

You decide, talk to a person or segment a group

It reaches everyone, it reaches everything.

Happÿdonia allows you to create interactive groups of employees with different functionalities and interaction capabilities. From the individual chat to the group chat, from the employee's folder to specific folders of a project or activity, documents or images, mailboxes or surveys, events or web views.

Happÿdonia es la herramienta perfecta para realizar comunicados a todos tus trabajadores

Does anyone ever open the important messages you want to convey?

Excuses are a thing of the past.

Happÿdonia orders the communication so that it arrives correctly at the moment in which the employee can pay attention to it, avoiding endless boxes of irrelevant information. From Happÿdonia you can easily verify the impact that your communication has had on the Team.

Happÿdonia facilita la exposición de los objetivos y valores de la empresa.

Your employees will know your direction and will follow it easily.

Same destiny, same values.

Happÿdonia facilitates the exposure of the values of the Organization. It is no longer a matter of focusing on a manifesto, but articulating through communication the actions that reinforce those values, whether with clients, employees or your social environment. The values stop being a picture on the wall to be activated in a practical way.

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