Happÿdonia la APP que facilita la comunicación interna en tu empresa.
happÿdonia es un instrumento apoyado en una APP móvil que fomenta la comunicación y la integración digital del grupo de personas que forman tu Organización. Es el mejor instrumento para estimular la participación de los usuarios, facilita la interacción entre ellos y monitoriza la Felicidad subyacente en el entorno laboral, ya sea por las reacciones como por el feedback directo ante preguntas o mensajes motivadores.
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The place where you can measure


happÿdonia is an app that encourages that communication and the digital integration of your Organization members. It is the best tool to encourage the users’ participation, to facilitate the interaction between them and to monitor the happiness in the workplace, either by the reactions, by direct feedback to questions or by motivation messages


With this app you have the perfect tool to promote your work team cohesion, as you can report punctually in a simple way and measure the mood and the emotional activity through reactions and comments to the news and publication that are generated in the different areas and groups of your company.


Communicate 360 degrees

It facilitates communication to flow as you consider. You can define the groups and the interaction and the interaction that you want your members to have,  from publications, ideas, suggestions, or the instant communication through individual or group chats.


Facilitate individual creativity

It provides each worker tools to contribute, from their profile and their wall, giving them the possibility to react, comment and participate in groups with their peers. In this way, you can validate their skills or competences.


It promotes continuous improvement

Enable and manage suggestions and ideas mailboxes and it allows users to vote on different
proposals to know what matters to your Team


Promotes the creation of a Happy Team

You can let  your team the possibility of interacting through open groups. You can also encourages physical activity and healthy habits to improve their motivation and optimistic thinking.


It wide and promotes Feedback

You can lunch punctually, recurrent, anonymous or nominal surveys to find out how the work atmosphere is or to know the opinion on a topic. Design your own motivating phrases and share them with users.


It share the Values and Compliance

Creates effective communication channels in the dissemination of company values and shares good practices that improve knowledge of behavior ethical codes.





Stimulate Happiness





Stimulates Happiness and Connects with other systems

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 Happÿ Companies

About us

Happÿdonia is composed by a young, multidisciplinary team, with an open structure and used to listen to the most innovative companies communication needs, in what regards to the field of human resources.


This active listening is transformed into regular updates of our APP, which increases its functionality and resources to offer a wide range of tools, so that our customers can facilitate the interaction of their workers and design spaces for participation that improve the sense of belonging and cohesion.


We are committed to excellence in service, to improve everyday and offer an entire ecosystem where you can favour the positive climate, the sum of everyone and a happier digital workplace.

Pay only for the use you are going to give. You can start little by little and grow whenever you want

You can start as soon as you are ready as it does not require a large investment of time. What you need is an Internal Communication Plan or Strategy to make the most of it.

A solution for your Organization members.

It is a space to add, to motivate and feed optimistic thinking.

An ideal space to stimulate personal relationships at work.

It helps to work in a team and empathize with colleagues.

An environment where commitment is encouraged and the sense of belonging is encouraged.

An instrument that provides feedback about the work environment and allows to design motivating actions.

It is not a canned tool, it is an instrument designed to make your Plan a reality, so that your Organization is happier and more productive. You decide because you know who, when and how it is better to organize it to be successful.

A space to develop a new employee experience as a lever to improve productivity and the image of the Organization, as preparation of your team for digital transformation.