The communication of your company
effective and without limits.

Happÿdonia promotes communication and digital integration of the team that forms your Organization. It is the best instrument to stimulate the participation of the users, to facilitate the interaction between them and to monitor the underlying Happiness in the working environment, either by the reactions or by the direct feedback to questions or motivating messages.

Centralizar toda la comunicación interna de tu empresa con Happÿdonia

Centralize all communication

A ring to govern them all

Facilitate communication to flow as you see fit, define groups and the interaction you want from their members, from publications, ideas, suggestions or immediate communication through individual or group chats.

Funcionalidades de Happÿdonia

Happÿdonia allows you to create specific folders for each worker. You no longer have to worry about important documents getting in the way or not reaching everyone. This way you will organize all the documentation and information.

Mejorar la cohesión de tus trabajadores con Happÿdonia

Happÿdonia will facilitate feedback thanks to different ways of interacting with employees. Organize surveys, channel ideas and suggestions or simply activate chats by departments, teams, projects, etc. You will have all the information of your organization structured and easily available for the whole team at any time.

Aumentar la productividad los empleados es muy fácil con Happÿdonia

Increase the productivity of your Team

Without a stick or a carrot

Happÿdonia promotes effective communication thanks to the possibility of structuring the content according to its potential addressee or the topic of interest. Communiqués, user publications, comments and reactions, etc. Depending on the area of interaction, it will ensure that important information does not stay in the air or reach everyone.

Medir la felicidad de los empleados con Happÿdonia

Happÿdonia allows you to have a daily barometer of the work environment, monitoring user activity and learning what works and what doesn't work in your communications and user publications. A space generated to thank, congratulate, recognize, share experiences, give others the best of oneself ...

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