We know you have great ideas to improve Human Resources.
Just do it.

What Good is going to do, a tool to facilitate the HR processes, you will not lose more time in what does not matter and you will improve the performance.

Ideas y sugerencias de empleados con Happÿdonia

Ideas and suggestions

Take advantage of people’s capacity for continuous improvement.

Segmentar a grupos de comunicación interna con Happÿdonia

Segmentation by groups

It guides communication in the contexts where it is necessary: global, departmental, projects, headquarters …

Panel de contenidos con Happÿdonia

Content panel

Share the management with the users that can help you make sense of the communication in each context

Permitir realizar iniciativas a tus empleados con Happÿdonia

Do you take a long time to receive an answer to your initiatives and it is also incomplete?
Relax, take it easy

Happydonia helps you to reach users effectively and allow participation in each initiative to be broader.

Realizar mensajes directos con Happÿdonia

Throw direct messages to people or groups that interest you.
Answer guarantee.

Happÿdonia allows you to create spaces with different functionalities and degrees of user interaction. From the most personal level (access to payroll, contracts ... or chat), to the most group level in different contexts (team or interest group).

Happÿdonia es una herramienta SAS (Software as a Service)

Do you depend on IT every time you want to do something?
3 minutes and ready.

Happÿdonia is a SAS (Software as a Service) tool that allows you to articulate communication without having to introduce yourself in complex internal developments that generally depend on IT teams with few resources to help you actively.

Gestionar carpetas privadas, nóminas y documentos privados de tus empleados con Happÿdonia

A more complete channel to integrate payrolls, contracts…
All advantages, right?

Happÿdonia offers the possibility that each employee has a personal folder where they can have their information in a secure way. We have articulated a system so that payrolls are distributed in an effective way with the least amount of possible intermediaries.

Cumplimiento de rgpd a través de Happÿdonia

Effectively manage your GDPR obligations…
It takes you time?

Happÿdonia has an effective system to control the obligatory acceptances for the use of the APP, but also allows the manager to activate the texts and consents necessary for its activity and, in turn, these can be revocable and resolved to users, as appropriate. This does save you time, right?

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