Measures Happiness

Being happy at work is possible,
if you know how.

Happiness is the heart of our tool, is the reason for being, we want happier, more motivated employees and that is why we have thought of the best functions to detect, promote and make the best work environment profitable.

Estadísticas de uso y interacción de usuarios en Happÿdonia

Usage statistics

You can know in real time the internal activity in communication (participation, comments and reactions, hashtags …)

Mencionar compañeros de trabajo en las publicaciones de Happÿdonia


Users can mention each other, especially to thank or congratulate them for a job well done.

Happÿdómetro el barómetro para medir la felicidad de los empleados


The tool incorporates a daily meter of happiness from different inputs and the participation of the whole

Happÿdonia permite crear un espacio de trabajo positivo y feliz.

Do the best employees leave without you noticing their concerns in time?

us + them = us

Do not rest on your laurels, promote a positive and happy space so that it becomes an important value for the Team, starting with yourself.

Aumentar la productividad de mis trabajadores con Happÿdonia

Motivate, measure, motivate, measure.

Do not leave anything to chance.

Define your relevant indicators and act. The best way to not achieve the objectives is to be inactive. Start working for the real improvement of your employees' experience.

Happÿdonia es el instrumento perfecto para canalizar y mejorar la comunicación interna de tu empresa

Do you want a company that is open to its employees and that values their opinion?

I like that you ask me that question. (they will say)

Happÿdonia offers you the perfect instrument to channel all the capacity of your people and improve from sharing experiences and intensifying the dialogue.

Los trabajadores optimistas, creativos, flexibles y empáticos son más productivos

Build a team of followers of your brand that work for you.

Follow the leader.

The optimistic, creative, flexible and empathetic worker is more productive, the studios say, there is a lot on the internet and in our blog.

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