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What does our internal communication app include?

Gestión de documentos privados en Happÿdonia

Document Management

Carpeta personal (nómidas, certificados, etc...) - Personal folder (payroll, certificates, etc...)

Personal folder (payroll, certificates, etc…)

Textos Legales - RGPD - GPDR Legal texts and consents

GPDR Legal texts and consents

Grupos Organizativos - Organizational groups

Organizational groups

Chats grupales de empleados en Happÿdonia

Individual & group chats

Hoy me siento - Today I feel Measures work environment

Today I feel
Measures work environment

Encuestas para empleados en Happÿdonia


Comunicados internos a través de Happÿdonia - Channels and Communicationss

Channels & Communicationss

Canales de comunicación interna en Happÿdonia - Publications


Validación de aptitudes de empleados en Happÿdonia

Validation skills & competences

Crea grupos personales en la app de Happÿdonia

Personal groups

Crea tus eventos internos con Happÿdonia


Ideas y sugerencias de empleados con Happÿdonia

Ideas & suggestions

Happÿdómetro el barómetro para medir la felicidad de los empleados

Measures employee happiness

Buscador interno de términos y hashtags de Happÿdonia

Search engine

Panel de contenidos con Happÿdonia

Content panel

Do you want to expand the functionalities?

Ask us to help you determine how to do it on our Elite version. Standard version:

Happÿdonia puede integrarse con AD Office365 o Google OpenID

Integration with AD Office365 or Google OpenID

Versión Web de Happÿdonia con nuestra opción Premium

Dynamic access to external sites

Segmentar a grupos de comunicación interna con Happÿdonia

App with name and own icon

Panel de contenidos con Happÿdonia

Custom development

Do not decide so fast, here we have even more information about the different modalities


The cheapest solution of our app Happÿdonia with all application functionalities




The solution that incorporates the web version of Happÿdonia, ideal if you have a part of your team in the offices




The solution that allows you to customize the name and external image of the APPs and activate possible integrations



* Price for the first 100 users (minimum contract). For a larger number of users consult our price scale, you will be surprised!

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Responsibility: Happydonia SL | Purpose: Management of requests for information, sending tariffs, implementation of demo and sending notifications and information related to the company. | Legitimation: consent of the interested party. | Recipients: Happÿdonia S.L., the data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation. | Rights: access, rectification, deletion, limitation, portability and the right to forget.