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The end is near…

For your surveys and emails not answered.

Now you can give your team a tool to think, listen, organize, participate, motivate … Stop listening to noise, let the music sound.

Encuestas para empleados en Happÿdonia


Make easy what you find difficult now. Ask to know more and have instant response without effort

Crea tus eventos internos con Happÿdonia


Know easily who may be interested in the activities you organize

Chats grupales de empleados en Happÿdonia


Encourages participation in organizational groups, in personal groups or in the individual Walls of employees

Recibir más información feedback de tus empleados

Do you want to receive MORE information about your employees without getting sick?

Do it by working LESS

Facilitate communication flow as you consider, define the groups and interaction you want among its members, from publications, ideas, suggestions or immediate communication through individual or group chats.

Realizar encuestas a trabajadores con Happÿdonia

Submitting surveys will be easier than having a coffee in the office.

Drink it on our health.

Happÿdonia allows you to create nominal or anonymous surveys in a very simple way. In addition, you can segment the recipients and make participation mandatory for users. Easily articulate an ideas mailbox, suggestion box or criminal compliance.

¿Qué necesitan los empleados para ser felices?

Do you want to know what employees need to be happy?

Find out once and for all.

Happÿdonia allows you to articulate periodic surveys and see the evolution over time of the different responses. You can ask, to check how your actions influence the improvement of the work environment and the expectations of your employees.

Happÿdonia canaliza el feedback de tu equipo de una forma activa y rápida.

Your employees will feel more heard at work than at home

Is it cool or not?

Happÿdonia offers the right space to channel your team's feedback in an active and fast way. You can make decisions in real time by seeing the reception of the suggestions of the users, by the votes they receive from their colleagues. Take action.

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