Choose fast, bright workers or cohesive teams.
Relax, you do not have to choose.

You will take advantage of the full potential of your employees and you will generate dynamics to ensure that your objectives are common objectives.

Encuestas para empleados en Happÿdonia


Make easy what you find difficult now. Ask to know more and have instant response without effort

Gestión de documentos privados en Happÿdonia


Make available to all, the key documents of the Organization: manuals, templates, recommendations, prevention information …

Segmentar a grupos de comunicación interna con Happÿdonia

Personal walls

It values the participation of employees and how they add to the common good, allowing them to follow each other.

Happÿdonia es la mejor herramienta para retener a los empleados con talento.

Do you have trouble retaining the best of your team?
Make them believers.

It channels the leadership of the best so that they spread their knowledge among their peers, promotes a communication habit in their Walls (both personal experiences, which can be useful for the rest, as well as professionals), whether in clients or in their areas of technical competence.

Happÿdonia permite que los trabajadores de varias sedes de una empresa, interactúen y se conozcan

The headquarters of your company will work next to you, almost in your same office.
Distance does not exist.

Do not isolate and restrict communication at the headquarters, allow Happÿdonia to help you extend it to all the venues, allow people to get to know each other and interact without having to be physically in the same place, but giving up their conciliation or flexible schedule.

Mejorar felicidad y la motivación de los trabajadores con Happÿdonia

Do you think that if your team was more cohesive your profitability would increase?
Of course you believe it.

Happÿdonia facilitates teamwork and this is the key to gain productivity. Motivation and happiness at work are important drivers for a positive and participatory approach in the performance of tasks and are also an ideal fuel for improving productivity.

Happÿdonia promueve el diálogo e interacción social de los empleados.

Create personal groups, do activities together and generate links.
Make it easy.

Happÿdonia promotes dialogue and social interaction among the members of the Organization. Personal relationships are emotional links that improve employee engagement with the Organization and are key to a good work climate, even in spaces where activities can be more stressful.

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