A new way (the good one) to manage communication in your company.

Love you happÿ.


A new way (the good one) to manage communication in your company.

Love you happÿ.

Utilizar Happÿdonia, ayuda a mejorar la comunicación interna de tu empresa.

Forget about the bad internal communication

A single instrument for your communication to reach its destination effectively

Empleados más eficaces y resolutivos gracias a Happÿdonia

Unite your team definitely

It facilitates the interaction and participation of users, lets users share the issues that interest them most.

Descubre qué necesitan tus empleados para ser más felices

Get fast and effective feedback

Ask and act in real time, effectively, with a set of functions that give you a great capacity

Many tools at your fingertips

Gestión de documentos privados en Happÿdonia

Document Management

Carpeta personal (nómidas, certificados, etc...) - Personal folder (payroll, certificates, etc...)

Personal folder (payroll, certificates, etc…)

Textos Legales - RGPD - GPDR Legal texts and consents

GPDR Legal texts & consents

Grupos Organizativos - Organizational groups

Organizational groups

Chats grupales de empleados en Happÿdonia

Individual & group chats

Hoy me siento - Today I feel Measures work environment

Today I feel
Measures work environment

Encuestas para empleados en Happÿdonia


Comunicados internos a través de Happÿdonia

Channels & Communicationss

Canales de comunicación interna en Happÿdonia


Validación de aptitudes de empleados en Happÿdonia

 Validation skills & competences

Crea grupos personales en la app de Happÿdonia

Personal groupss

Crea tus eventos internos con Happÿdonia


Ideas y sugerencias de empleados con Happÿdonia

Ideas & suggestions

Happÿdómetro el barómetro para medir la felicidad de los empleados

Measures employee happiness

Buscador interno de términos y hashtags de Happÿdonia

Search engine

Panel de contenidos con Happÿdonia

 Content panel

Sometimes it’s not worth just buying something,

you want to make the most of it.

If you also want to help in the implementation, we can help you to choose the most appropriate tools to achieve your Happÿdonia goals.




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